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Posted on May 15, 2012

30 Minutes To Achieve Your Dreams

30 Minutes To Achieve Your Dreams

30 Minutes A Day

Yep. That’s ALL it takes. I figured my struggle to achieve my personal projects were based on the argument “I don’t have time! I never do!” and days would come and go without any progress or push forward. Recently, my goals have been to make sure my Masters projects are done with in order to start my personal ones, but it turns out that work never ends, in every context.

Recently I’ve stumbled upon an article that deals with just that. A basic to-do list is simply not doing the job. No personal ideas can be solidified as long as they’re pushed down the priority chain and being topped by short-terms goals, errands, and so forth.

Rather, making your ideas come true needs to become a necessity. Just like you brush your teeth and prepare your coffee, making your dreams come true should be something to be done on a daily basis.

Furthermore, all it takes is a rather insignificant time compared to the lousy things we do every day. It takes something from 2 minutes to 2 hours to choose one outfit; why not take a healthy dosage, say…30 minutes. Sounds easy? Yep, that’s all you need:

Derrick Schwabe's Plan to Achieve Success

Focused energy means that you can’t text, call for gossip, and commit into the tempting world of distractions. Several techniques have fought this plague, mainly “The Pomodoro Technique”, which I have constantly used and cherished. If you can sacrifice 30 good minutes on your project every day, you’ll do wonders in no time. Of course, one might take this information for granted and say “Hell, this ain’t rocket science there!” but it’s obvious that nobody does it effectively.

The way I see it, all those great ideas and success stories we hear about, be it a local champ or Instagram, are unrealized skteches and drawings in the backs of our heads, waiting to be the next big thing. If you need to create a legacy, something to look back at and smile, you need to act NOW. 30 Minutes. Then build up from there. Soon each will discover this rewarding sense of self-actualization, and prove that this isn’t just part of Maslow’s theorems.

30 minutes…GO!

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  1. nice one nico (y)

    • Thank you 3alloush! 🙂

  2. Just heard about The Pomodoro Technique from Ago today, gonna give it a try! Gd job ! nicks!

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