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Nicolas El Hayek

Nicolas El Hayek

I’m a Masters graduate in Innovation, Strategy, and Entrepreneurship living in the sunny beaches of Lebanon. Traveling has always been a fascination, and my recent stay in France gave me the opportunity to travel across Europe, increasing the tally to more than 11 European Nations and around 20 countries overall. Curiosity fills my thoughts and intrigues me to question the subjects taken for-granted and highlight the various disciplines and currents that roam the world. From meditation, yoga, chess, telepathy, to learning different languages, every period holds a certain ‘obsession’ that provides a deep insight into something that enriches the soul and culture.

As Steve Jobs once said,  “So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.” It’s kinda exactly what I’m expecting for the future and how I can get something out of all this. Eventually they will all embody in my output no matter what shape it takes.

Life isn’t just about being culturally rich. My Masters in Innovation, Strategy, and Entrepreneurship in Grenoble, France, was an adventure despite the nearly lifeless ambiance the town occupies. Harnessing 56,000+ students from all over the world, Grenoble gave me the opportunity (and solitude) to develop my capabilities and orient my interests. I finally made my own website, delved into the world of application development, reading books, thousands of articles, appreciating art and beauty, and beyond.

Overall, what interests me is the curation of good content in the purpose of making it building blocks for a better output. The age we live in brings massive loads of data that our brains are proven to improperly digest it, and thus the need to find the best there is out there and properly capitalize upon it. The need for focus and channeling out distractions is essential to our daily life, and part of the blog will always feature posts that tackle that issue, along with topics related to productivity because, sadly, the majority people lack it or lack the incentive to fully achieve it. In the end, we all thrive to master the qualitative assets we have, but it’s how much we put into that journey that leads to mastering those qualities.


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