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Posted on Oct 18, 2012

Art within Art – Tracking my Mouse on Photoshop

Art within Art – Tracking my Mouse on Photoshop

IOGraphica – 3 hrs

Sometimes the simplest form of art is the one left unnoticed, visualized through our mundane routines and unconscious repetitions that we barely take into account. Any abstract piece will remain out of this world until we find ourselves in it. That’s exactly the point of this visualization that sliced a portion of a session on Photoshop and made an abstract rendition of my mouse movements over time intervals. It may seem like someone was drawing with a shaky hand, but once it’s attributed to something as boring as moving a mouse, a new dimension comes to life and provides new aspects of this jungle of lines and dots:


The image below depicts a measly 9 minutes of working on photoshop. Things are just starting to build up as more lines are drawn by the second, and the dots grow by how long the clicks make their mark.

IOGraphica – 8.9 minutes

The images were made by a simple freeware called IOGraphica, which is available to download on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux by clicking on this link. A bunch of scribbles are found on their page, and a set of other interesting concepts that exploit our mundane habits. Below is more pics at different intervals while I was doing Lebanese Politicians and their Salaries [Infographic] .

Enjoy and be sure to try it!






[nggallery id=7]




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