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Posted on Feb 27, 2013

The Lebanese Public Debt –  الدين العام [Infographic بالعربي]

The Lebanese Public Debt – الدين العام [Infographic بالعربي]

Ever since the Civil War [1975 – 1990] that shattered the country’s dreams and dispersed its families among the continents and the afterlife, Lebanon’s once booming economy is now sinking in a record-high debt surpassing the $55 billion mark. With a faltering lifestyle and a struggle to keep the economy afloat, hope seems in a gloom as no policy is in place to target the deficit but a measly attempt to shave off a fraction of the interest that nears equating the original debt. This infographic is dedicated to shed light on who’s to blame, an overview of the ramifications, and where we currently stand. Thanks.

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Posted on Oct 30, 2012

A Buyer’s Guide to Apple Products [Infographic]

A Buyer’s Guide to Apple Products [Infographic]

After Apple’s latest event where it released its latest products, namely the iPad mini and a much-needed upgrade for the iMac, following the product lines has become full of hassles in determining which specs are the best for the buck, and namely, which device to get the utmost satisfaction from. A fanboy would aim to get all the toys his money can buy, but let’s face it, the more toys you have, the double your troubles. With the holidays coming up, budgeting is also the issue when it comes to giving the best to the most cherished members in your inner circle, and sometimes finding the best gadget for the best price is a hassle in researching what’s best. So here’s a roundup of what Apple has to offer, from the cheapest iPod Shuffle to the strongest MacBook Pro on the block. See for yourself!


A special thanks for @vipwoody for helping out in the research. The sharpest tool in the shed!


Apple Product Roundup. What your money can buy

Apple product roundup. What your money can buy.

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Posted on Sep 29, 2012

Lebanese Politicians and their Salaries [Infographic]

Lebanese Politicians and their Salaries [Infographic]

I was inspired by a recent article discussing the notion of increasing salaries of the current government and the national outcry that propagated because of it. Whether the law was given the green light or discarded, the fact remains that our government bears no consideration to the needs of its people. Sadly, the absence of the middle class and the majority of the population is below the poverty line. It’s only time that will decide how long the people will remain under economic gridlock, but hey, at least their politicians are doing fine.

Update: Due to ongoing requests, an Arabic version was created on this page:

Lebanese Politicians and Their Salaries

‘Lebanese Politicians and Their Salaries’

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Posted on Sep 25, 2012

Gold – Then and Now [Mini-Infographic]

Gold – Then and Now [Mini-Infographic]

I did this as a quickie for a friend who needed a comparison between gold back in the days and in today’s money. This can easily evolve into a big, juicy infographic if time allows.

Gold - Then and Now

Gold – Then and Now

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Posted on Sep 6, 2012

Lebanon Falls 2 Places in Global Competitiveness Ranking

Lebanon Falls 2 Places in Global Competitiveness Ranking


A couple of months ago, I ran across several articles that preached good news about Beirut being the competitive capital that is slowly becoming a cluster for incubators and startups. A recent google query failed to date me anywhere closer to 2010, with bad news on the doors.

For another year, Lebanon drops 2 ranks in the Global Competitiveness Index 2012-2013, anchoring at 91, down from 89 in 2011-2012 rankings, with no good news for the coming year in light of the political instability. Being above Greece and Argentina is something to boast about, but then all countries like Azerbaijan and Gabon score higher on that list. It shouldn’t be the direct index for a country’s success, but competitiveness plays on the long-term prosperity of the country and the efficiency of its people, and it’s not looking bright for us Lebanese.

It is sad to find that the private and public sectors are still two realms far away from each other like heaven and hell. The private sector is well developed and hindered by foreign investment and infrastructure, factors that are both a responsibility of any government. We’re bound to find out till when the Lebanese will be able to untie the knot that’s suffocating its progression and live to see a brighter future to its future generations. It’ll happen, though. I’m sure of it.

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Posted on May 15, 2012

30 Minutes To Achieve Your Dreams

30 Minutes To Achieve Your Dreams

30 Minutes A Day

Yep. That’s ALL it takes. I figured my struggle to achieve my personal projects were based on the argument “I don’t have time! I never do!” and days would come and go without any progress or push forward. Recently, my goals have been to make sure my Masters projects are done with in order to start my personal ones, but it turns out that work never ends, in every context.

Recently I’ve stumbled upon an article that deals with just that. A basic to-do list is simply not doing the job. No personal ideas can be solidified as long as they’re pushed down the priority chain and being topped by short-terms goals, errands, and so forth.

Rather, making your ideas come true needs to become a necessity. Just like you brush your teeth and prepare your coffee, making your dreams come true should be something to be done on a daily basis.

Furthermore, all it takes is a rather insignificant time compared to the lousy things we do every day. It takes something from 2 minutes to 2 hours to choose one outfit; why not take a healthy dosage, say…30 minutes. Sounds easy? Yep, that’s all you need:

Derrick Schwabe's Plan to Achieve Success

Focused energy means that you can’t text, call for gossip, and commit into the tempting world of distractions. Several techniques have fought this plague, mainly “The Pomodoro Technique”, which I have constantly used and cherished. If you can sacrifice 30 good minutes on your project every day, you’ll do wonders in no time. Of course, one might take this information for granted and say “Hell, this ain’t rocket science there!” but it’s obvious that nobody does it effectively.

The way I see it, all those great ideas and success stories we hear about, be it a local champ or Instagram, are unrealized skteches and drawings in the backs of our heads, waiting to be the next big thing. If you need to create a legacy, something to look back at and smile, you need to act NOW. 30 Minutes. Then build up from there. Soon each will discover this rewarding sense of self-actualization, and prove that this isn’t just part of Maslow’s theorems.

30 minutes…GO!

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