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Posted on Mar 27, 2013

My Experience in Ultra Music Festival 2013

My Experience in Ultra Music Festival 2013

The crowd, the music, the debauchery, the inexplicable love and the reunion of #trancefamily are just a few of the magical pillars that played a major part in shaping this year’s Ultra Music Festival. I was hesitant to celebrate my birthday at this event, discouraged mainly by the ticket price and the long 3-day marathon of EDM music. I wondered, who can withstand 3 days of pounding electric music? After the event was done, the 3 days weren’t enough to quench my thirst for music, for this lifestyle, and everything that entailed UMF.

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Posted on Oct 30, 2012

A Buyer’s Guide to Apple Products [Infographic]

A Buyer’s Guide to Apple Products [Infographic]

After Apple’s latest event where it released its latest products, namely the iPad mini and a much-needed upgrade for the iMac, following the product lines has become full of hassles in determining which specs are the best for the buck, and namely, which device to get the utmost satisfaction from. A fanboy would aim to get all the toys his money can buy, but let’s face it, the more toys you have, the double your troubles. With the holidays coming up, budgeting is also the issue when it comes to giving the best to the most cherished members in your inner circle, and sometimes finding the best gadget for the best price is a hassle in researching what’s best. So here’s a roundup of what Apple has to offer, from the cheapest iPod Shuffle to the strongest MacBook Pro on the block. See for yourself!


A special thanks for @vipwoody for helping out in the research. The sharpest tool in the shed!


Apple Product Roundup. What your money can buy

Apple product roundup. What your money can buy.

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Posted on Oct 18, 2012

Art within Art – Tracking my Mouse on Photoshop

Art within Art – Tracking my Mouse on Photoshop

IOGraphica – 3 hrs

Sometimes the simplest form of art is the one left unnoticed, visualized through our mundane routines and unconscious repetitions that we barely take into account. Any abstract piece will remain out of this world until we find ourselves in it. That’s exactly the point of this visualization that sliced a portion of a session on Photoshop and made an abstract rendition of my mouse movements over time intervals. It may seem like someone was drawing with a shaky hand, but once it’s attributed to something as boring as moving a mouse, a new dimension comes to life and provides new aspects of this jungle of lines and dots:


The image below depicts a measly 9 minutes of working on photoshop. Things are just starting to build up as more lines are drawn by the second, and the dots grow by how long the clicks make their mark.

IOGraphica – 8.9 minutes

The images were made by a simple freeware called IOGraphica, which is available to download on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux by clicking on this link. A bunch of scribbles are found on their page, and a set of other interesting concepts that exploit our mundane habits. Below is more pics at different intervals while I was doing Lebanese Politicians and their Salaries [Infographic] .

Enjoy and be sure to try it!






[nggallery id=7]




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Posted on Jul 5, 2012

The Internet Isn’t Free

The Internet Isn’t Free

Ever since the proliferation of the internet, the concept of having value on content has been blurred to an extreme. From its early beginnings, content generation was conceived by sharing information rather than focusing on e-commerce. Yet as the growth of the internet has now dominated the world’s tiniest interactions, from wiring millions of dollars to poking a stranger on Facebook, the consumer perception has remained with the same notion of ‘The Internet is forever free’.

The rise of SOPA and PIPA were to censor such acts, but the end result was rendered unfair for consumers and site holders at par. It’s understandable why governments such as the United States would aim to limit piracy, because let’s face it, things have gone pretty much loose.

The whole concept of content sharing on the internet has become more than a feature, but a right for every internet user. As long as it’s digital, it’s supposed to be free. THAT’s the current norm that the world has stopped at and is happy with. People wouldn’t buy an Armani replica or a BVLGARI purse with the same enthusiasm and conscience as downloading a song, a movie, or a thousand-dollar worth of programs. It seems more ‘legit’ to download torrents, and the sad fact is that virtually all of us used torrents or shared files from torrents at one point in time.

Despite that, the proliferation of paid mobile applications has paved the way for a more just view by making consumers pay for their applications, partly thanks to Apple’s easy billing system in the App Store and low price ranges. It is safe to say that mobile development has mitigated the effects of piracy through in-app purchases and good marketing, but the programs running on the PC platform are under a constant risk of being illegally shared online and most commonly for free.

As much as governments and record labels try to shut down the big torrent sites like ThePirateBay.Org, Isohunt, and the like, the former decided to skip territorial jurisdiction by hosting its data in the clouds, literally, in a joint venture with the Greek government that is desperately seeking out money from innovative endeavors. So there’s always a way to circumvent the whole legal charade that has been penalizing “collaborators” for some time now with thousands of dollars and months of jail and probation.

I think it’s too late now to tie a leash around what the internet represents and how content is distributed within in. When one site is shut down, its rubbles is revived like a phoenix through another site, if not more, with even better content management systems and greater content. If MegaUpload wasn’t properly warranted to shut the site down, it’s a proof that cyber law enforcement is still primitive in its actions. The internet is not owned by anyone, and its content will forever be perceived as such, no matter how wrong that would sound.

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Posted on May 15, 2012

30 Minutes To Achieve Your Dreams

30 Minutes To Achieve Your Dreams

30 Minutes A Day

Yep. That’s ALL it takes. I figured my struggle to achieve my personal projects were based on the argument “I don’t have time! I never do!” and days would come and go without any progress or push forward. Recently, my goals have been to make sure my Masters projects are done with in order to start my personal ones, but it turns out that work never ends, in every context.

Recently I’ve stumbled upon an article that deals with just that. A basic to-do list is simply not doing the job. No personal ideas can be solidified as long as they’re pushed down the priority chain and being topped by short-terms goals, errands, and so forth.

Rather, making your ideas come true needs to become a necessity. Just like you brush your teeth and prepare your coffee, making your dreams come true should be something to be done on a daily basis.

Furthermore, all it takes is a rather insignificant time compared to the lousy things we do every day. It takes something from 2 minutes to 2 hours to choose one outfit; why not take a healthy dosage, say…30 minutes. Sounds easy? Yep, that’s all you need:

Derrick Schwabe's Plan to Achieve Success

Focused energy means that you can’t text, call for gossip, and commit into the tempting world of distractions. Several techniques have fought this plague, mainly “The Pomodoro Technique”, which I have constantly used and cherished. If you can sacrifice 30 good minutes on your project every day, you’ll do wonders in no time. Of course, one might take this information for granted and say “Hell, this ain’t rocket science there!” but it’s obvious that nobody does it effectively.

The way I see it, all those great ideas and success stories we hear about, be it a local champ or Instagram, are unrealized skteches and drawings in the backs of our heads, waiting to be the next big thing. If you need to create a legacy, something to look back at and smile, you need to act NOW. 30 Minutes. Then build up from there. Soon each will discover this rewarding sense of self-actualization, and prove that this isn’t just part of Maslow’s theorems.

30 minutes…GO!

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Posted on May 7, 2012

Instantly Become More Photogenic with One Simple Gesture

Instantly Become More Photogenic with One Simple Gesture

After years of experience on Facebook, it came to me once an observation that people (especially girls) tend to have a specific pose or gesture that glues throughout all their pictures. Is it insecurity, or the simple belief that this is the best way to look good?

We all tend to have this. Why settle for a pose when you know it won’t be your best shot? It’s some people’s aspiration to have their tagged pictures as potential profile pictures, but that’s taking it to the extremes and frankly nobody wants to offer you a photo shoot at every event or gathering.

So let’s make every picture worth it. Enough with the double chins, the weird looks, the goofy gestures in awkward situations. Here’s how you pave your own way to become as ridiculously photogenic as this guy:

The key, preached by New York headshot photographer Peter Hurley, is to stretch out your forehead forward and lower it a tiny bit. This simple gesture would ALMOST ALWAYS give you better chances of scoring awesome pics that would make you jizz your own pants, or better yet, make others do. The secret in this lies in the jaw bone that determines the form of our face and hides some of the extra skin under the chin. It is tremendous how different pictures can be taken and perceived, especially if when laughing. People tend to laugh and pull their face backward, leaving tons of double chin marks and loss of jaw bone accentuation.

Peter also notes that if you’re taking side photos, tilt your forefront shoulder a bit lower, and tilt your ear towards the camera as if you’re eager to listen to something. DON’T exaggerate it, of course! You don’t want to reveal the secret to your awesome success, especially when you look ridiculous when you’re doing it wrong.

Check his 15-minute video for a total breakdown of the topic. Trust me, you’ll enjoy it.


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