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Posted on May 4, 2012

Day 4: Sacrificing Friday

Day 4: Sacrificing Friday

The Road to Success

It’s a universal thing to go party on a Friday night. The general consensus would involve socializing over food, alcohol, a movie, or any combination of the sort. I decided to break that.

As I encountered tempting plans to go out that night, a sentence kept repeating itself on a loop in the back of my head “you don’t care if you have a basketball game, a party, somebody calling you…” It’s part of Eric Thomas’ speech on success. It was a stand-off between my innate desire to go out and socialize, and the rising riots against the status quo. The latter won, fortunately. People can wait while I build up myself and focus on what’s important. Nothing comes for free, and building up myself through the TNDO approach wasn’t any different; it had to come at a cost fortunately I can hold.

While the rest is dressing up, I was changing into my gym shorts between my break from a recent project deadline. The end draws near as my courses end, my ticket back home is reserved, and closing ties with France is becoming more imminent by the day. The countdown reads 27 days, the moment I claim victory over my academics, and hopefully with a fit body.

With every rep I make, I could imagine what my friends are doing, how they’re spending their time with pints of beer in every hand, smiles being thrown here and there, kissing corners crowded, dance floor crammed with energy…I am only brought back to reality through the pain that reminds me of how un-fit I am, and I move on. With every stroke, every move, the pain increases, and so does my will to complete the set. Hearing the speech in repeat mode exceeds any kind of music in terms of physical drive. I repeat every thought he says with belief and conviction, giving me a reason to keep on doing the exercise and prevent me from being the slacker I’ve always been. I can’t shrug their laughs, though, no matter how hard I try. The party goes on without me, because I chose not to be part of it, but of something bigger. It’s a notion that I hope to work through and make sure that this Friday won’t be like the last one, and the next one would follow the new paradigm.

They party. I take no days off.

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