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Posted on May 5, 2012

Day 5 : Saturday Fever

Day 5 : Saturday Fever

Pump It Up!

Saturday is historically considered a day where people rested. It has been forever taken to have a Sabbath or Sabbath-like privileges. In other words, it’s an added reason to make laziness the highlight state of our day, or a break from the week’s hard work.

I couldn’t fully embrace this fact anymore. I’ve been lazy for too long…23 years long. I decided to take this lifestyle that benefit me intellectually on the cost of my athletic abilities. My asthma didn’t help, either. And throughout my empowerment of taking my own decisions I’ve decided to dig through the world behind that 14″ 32-bit TruColor CRT monitor through its intriguing dimensions and captivating domains. Graphics, coding, customizing, news curation, you name it. It’s an interest developed to a habit developed to an attitude developed to a lifestyle. Time to balance.

As I get older, I tend to see a clearer and more realistic view of my future. I was inspired by the obesity in the world and the gym fanatics and the oddities of having these two extremes living in my own entourage. My stay in France led me to develop my intellectual abilities even further, yet the unhealthy diet and the university pressures forced me to ditch my body for another 6 months, but the low point that happened this week was the turning point I was eagerly waiting for.

I enjoyed having my determination continue through the heart of the weekend. Beer is out of the question for now, unless I can compensate some pints with an extra kilometer or two on the treadmill. Either way, I can’t tip the balance all the way to my personal development on account of my social life. In the end, this makes part of the former, anyways.

For what it’s worth, working out on a Saturday proved to be even more positive than resting all day. The feeling I got after know that I’m doing this for my own well-being surpassed any residual feeling that comes from sitting all day gazing at the life outside the window. I’m not sure if it’s the dopamine and serotonin affecting my positive mood, but whatever it is, it’s directly related to what I’m doing.

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