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Posted on May 6, 2012

Day 6: Only God Can Rest

Day 6: Only God Can Rest

Pain is temporary

I do live far from my family, but the custom followed me. A ‘special’ feast would be prepared for the meal; something that I don’t prepare during the week (a.k.a anything but Spaghetti Bolognese) and would be sometimes related to Lebanese cuisine, special meals like carbonara, lasagna, you get the point.God has rested on the seventh day…but only He did. It has never occurred to me the benefits of having a Sunday workout. While families enjoy quality time together around a Sunday feast, a BBQ in the backyard, you know…a 3000-calorie lunch, it is inevitable to find refuge on the nearest couch and let the stomach factory churn the goodies that once cluttered the lunch table.

Usually that would be occupied by the famous siesta, and being the lazy person that I were, it was inevitable for me to target the softest section of the couch, and march with determination with my laptop to my new castle for the day. Thankfully it wasn’t the deal this time.

It was still pressuring to make time for the workout, between preparing the meal, finishing a big project (before its deadline), attending mass, and back to my project. Yet I was back to my midnight habit to attend the gym with full energy.

Since my initial reps practically require the most effort in terms of energy use, they always posed a challenge. Once they’re done, my workout would become heated up and much smoother. Today was a bit more challenging because I was still comfortable from the meal, spiritually at peace, and the urge to chill-out and relax was at its highest. Yet, with determination I made it through the initial steps and things got going well for that.

The only thing I regret was not running the treadmill. It’s one of the most support-needed exercise because my endurance has given up to sloppiness and the sedentary lifestyle. Knowing it’s my weakest link, it drives me hard to work on it and experience the pain that comes with the effort.

I constantly stop when my lungs and legs cannot handle the pressure. My asthma scars remind me how difficult it was to breathe properly and with every inhalation, I remind myself that this is also to prevent it from coming back..a painful skidmark that accompanies my breathing process every now and then. 15 minutes on the water rowing machine, and my shoulders and back would also be done for the day.

The 2-minute track home is a moment of unstable walking and feeling the sweat running down my forehead. The sloppy steps I make are the ones that tell me I’m on the right path. As I lean on the elevator walls, I steadily breathe as I reflect upon my humble achievement in my project. Week 1 has ended.. Let’s keep it up!!

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