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Posted on May 7, 2012

Day 7: 1st Week Achieved

Day 7: 1st Week Achieved

7 Days

7 Days

As mundane as it would seem, going past the first week wasn’t as easy as it sounds. I would imagine how ridiculous it were for a regular athlete or the majority of the Bell curve for that matter, but for a sedentary lazy dude like me, this is a promising beginning.

My challenge lies in keeping the enthusiasm I carried throughout the first week. The repeated motivation from Eric Thomas’ speeches, the midnight workouts, and the determination that diffused to other aspects are what I seek to perpetuate throughout this month, and beyond.

See, what I’m trying to do is develop a good habit – a boring routine that would extract the laziness out of me bit by bit. Knowing the procrastinator that I am, it’s extremely tough and unhealthy to do it all of a sudden. Rather, I’d prefer to organically morph my habits into something productive and subtle that wouldn’t shock me into the void I used to live in. So far, it’s been met with good persistence, the kind that I would like to become a lifestyle. Hoping the change I long for would be there. My mind needs this more than my body. Ironic.


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