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Posted on Jun 30, 2015

Guest Post: From Lebanon to Milan: Why We Should Visit Expo 2015?

Guest Post: From Lebanon to Milan: Why We Should Visit Expo 2015?

The World Expo has come a long way indeed, ever since the inception of London’s Great Exhibition in 1851. Currently, it is being held in the beautiful city of Milan in Italy. The honor to host this year’s fair was given to Milan in 2010, after Shanghai and Dubai after it in 2020. As such, the past five years have seen the city and the country busy preparing for this world event as 20 million visitors are expected to attend. This year’s Universal Exhibition is surrounded on the theme, Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. More than 140 participating countries will be presenting to the world the best there is in manufactured products, state-of-the-art technology, diversity of culture and the outstanding innovations that man has ever achieved while focusing on the importance of establishing a balance between human nutrition and respecting the planet.

Visiting such event is definitely a unique thing as one can get to see a multitude of exhibits in a single venue but there are surely other equally great reasons why one has to go to Milan during the Expo. This means having the opportunity to experience a bunch of whole new things. Here are the following top reasons why you should visit Milan during the Expo 2015.

1. Milan gives you a taste of what the city does best. In the areas of fashion, design and innovation, it is considered one of the most modern and avant-garde cities in Italy. One can have a superb time shopping for the latest fashion while marveling at the excellence of Italian design and innovation at Via Montenapoleone or at the gorgeous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II where once can find designer clothing brands. As a tip, travel with a big suitcase with few clothing so you can have all the packing space for your purchases.

expo 2015 02

2. Milan provides a food adventure guaranteed to satisfy even the most picky eater. One shouldn’t miss having a taste of the sumptuous meals that can be found in a huge selection of food choices that richly represent Italy’s regional cuisines. Take a shot at the popular and beloved Risotto alla Milanese which is a cheesy saffron rice dish. Ossobuco is another Milanese specialty to try, and which is usually served with Risotto alla Milanese. It consists of braised veal shanks cooked bone-in, known for its tenderness. The Cotoletta alla Milanese is also one of the more popular dishes of the region consisting of crispy fried veal cutlet dipped in bread crumbs and shallow-fried in oil.

3. Milan is more than just the host city for this year’s Expo. It is one of the major cities of Italy that it proudly boasts a ton of beautiful things to experience. It is a city of great treasures, of creativity and ambition, proudly reflected in the magnificent pearly white Duomo dominating the piazza where it stands, adorned by 135 beautiful spires and 3, 400 statues. Not to miss is a visit to see Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper. This world-famous fresco is preserved in the refectory of the monastery near the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie. As an advice, book your ticket in advance as it would be impossible to buy one on the spot. You can arrange a tour with one of the city tour or guided visits for a pre-arranged ticket. Then, drop by the church and be amazed at the beautiful artistic creations inside. Book a ticket as well for the famous opera house, La Scala.

expo 2015 03

4. Milan is accessible to other Italian places. Visiting Milan during the Expo is a great opportunity to see other neighboring places, too. Because of the country’s transportation system, anybody can easily transfer from one city to the next. Flying cuts the trips short but if you have time to burn and want to see the places by land, you have the option to travel by train, bus, or car. From Milan, it is very convenient to reach the watery wonder of Venice. Have the best experiences getting lost in the maze of canals or visit the neighborhoods of Cannaregio and Castello. Have a gondolier sing you Italian songs while you float by magnificent palaces and buildings such as the Ca’ Vendramin Calergi on the Grand Canal, which  used to be the home of famous people throughout history but which presently houses the Venice Casino and the Wagner Museum. If you are interested at trying your luck at the numbers game, check Casino Du Liban online to understand and learn how to play the most popular casino games before visiting the Venice Casino. From Venice, it is even convenient to take a quick flight to a ski resort such as Cortina or a drive to the stunning Lake Como.

expo 2015 05

5. Milan becomes the most important Italian ambassador to the world. With 144 participating countries for this year’s Expo, Milan will be hosting a huge diversity of culture from different nations, bringing them all together in one grand exhibit. Each country will have its own pavilion, each aimed at showcasing the uniqueness of each place in terms of science and technology, innovation creativity, culture and traditions, and  how they relate to the theme of food and sustainable life. Make sure to visit the Lebanon pavilion where the presence of Lebanon at the Expo Milano 2015, within the Bio-Mediterraneum Cluster, reflects the soul of Lebanon that revolves around generosity, hospitality and cuisine, the key to unlocking the culture of this eastern country. Food represents a key aspect for its people, which are closely related to the arts and cultural activities. The Dominican Republic shares its practical experiences on how it was able to sustain a multitude of people from extreme poverty and focuses on ideas on how to deal with hunger. The Italian Pavilion shows the country’s excellence in relation to its culture and traditions when it comes to food, demonstrated by the use of high quality raw materials to a first-rate finished product.

There are also NGOs and nonprofit organizations attending the event. Plan in advance when deciding to visit the Expo so you can see all that you want.

expo 2015 04

6. Milan is accessible from around the world. There are 3 international airports running in Milan. With the convenience of direct flights coming from other parts of the world, it is fairly easy to travel to the city and be at attendance at the Expo and do some vacation on the side. All the airports are well-connected to the city by low-cost buses and trains. Traveling to and from the airports is very convenient. It is possible to see other places around the city due to this. Milan Malpensa is the city’s intercontinental airport, and whether you are traveling from Oceania or Asia or from the America’s, you will find it convenient to book your flights especially with the extensive partnership network of airlines.

Indeed, there are a lot of reasons to visit the Expo in Milan. Be part of an event that focuses on providing ideas and solutions to create sustainable ways of producing and providing secure and sufficient food for all the populations across the world, through the help of advanced science and technology. At the same time, you can get to visit other breathtaking places of Italy to make your entire vacation a dream come true. To learn, to share, to see, to feel, to taste, to enjoy – these are all good reasons to plan a visit to Milan this year.

A. Mourad

Disclaimer: The views & opinions expressed on this guest post featured on the site are those of the guest author and do not necessarily reflect my own opinions & views. N.H

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