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Posted on Apr 15, 2012

Hamra’s Flash Mob: Are We Really Over the Civil War?

Hamra’s Flash Mob: Are We Really Over the Civil War?

      The Lebanese Civil War has been a plague to our society that has suffered its worst forms of destruction, corruption, deceipt, and all the dark behaviors one can think of. The Lebanese hatred to his fellow brother remained burning long after the war was over…and the country has been in an all-time low ever since. 

      All developed nations focus on efficiency instead of ethnicity. We claim to be aiming to become one day a developed country, but how can this happen when we have the mentality of jungle tribes and short-sighted savages? It is so easy to spot a business owner who prefers to employ his illiterate cousin than to bring the right person with different political views. This is simply stupid.

      The wholesale mlb jerseys lack of Jerseys dealing with the Civil War Wants has made it a stigma John in our cheap jerseys online Lebanese Me culture. The facts are opinionated by the narrator, the ignorance of the cheap jerseys young generation is too obvious to be avoided, and the tear in our elderly’s Table eyes wholesale jerseys are some of the signs that show we are Alignment still not over it.

      A local NGO noticed this, and decided to act about it. CitiAct made an interesting flash mob in the Hamra district, a delightful region that gathers all ethnicities and a hub for social events, sending a message to the people to finally get out of it, accept it, and move on to build a better nation. The notion of imploding the country has become unbearable to all of us, and things should change one thought at a time, one action at a time.

      Let’s hope this would be a kickstarter for a better future for our youth. I’ve seen a lot of people talking about this and propagating the idea, hoping that the symbolism behind the initiative wouldn’t be the Lebanese’s ability to create instant traffic, but a mere emulation of the dark side to prevent people from falling into it. 

Heck even Minister Sahnaoui supported it ? kudos! 

Nshalla tenzakar w ma ten3ad….

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