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Posted on Oct 5, 2012

Lebanese Politicians and Their Salaries [Infographic بالعربي ]

Lebanese Politicians and Their Salaries [Infographic بالعربي ]

Politicians Salaries ArabicI translated this infographic to Arabic as a special request. The English version can be found here: http://nicolashayek.me/lebanese-politicians-salaries/





رواتب الرؤساء والنواب اللبنانيين

“رواتب الرؤساء والنواب اللبنانيين”


  1. Dear Nicloas,

    Great effort, but it is not very simple for ordinary people. I hope you can make it more simple. Use less numbers and more drawings!


    • Hey Samer, thanks for your input! I’ll be taking that into consideration through my upcoming projects 🙂

  2. Nicolas: Great effort man – I don’t know how would these in power live with these figures while normal Lebanese became unable of surviving in a dignified manner. We, Lebanese, still wonder how the astronomical debt accumulated on our shoulders and those of our kids!!!
    Again, your work is really impressive!! ya3teak l 3afyey..

    • Ahmad, thank you for the great word. It’s shameful to know the economy is in bad shape and the government isn’t helping its own people. The people need to know these facts..

      Thanks again for the support 🙂


  1. Quora - What is the best way to get bloggers to cover your infographic?... The infographic should attract bloggers by itself.…

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