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Posted on Sep 23, 2013

The Positive Aspects of Being an Introvert

The Positive Aspects of Being an Introvert

Introverts are everywhere. Everyone knows that person who finds comfort away from social gatherings and crowded raves. It’s the member that balls on the majority of events unless dragged by a dominating majority. It’s the typical pizza on a Friday night instead of hitting the bars and rocking the clubs. Yet there is more to discover in this silent, intriguing personality.

Apart from scientifically proven to find introverts with greater knowledge and higher grades in class, the introvert has gifts far often concealed. The time spent in solitude is the source of the brilliance and creativity that the world enjoys but doesn’t easily accept. The need to have introverts in our lives and society can’t be more vital. It’s unhealthy to be constantly ‘living on the edge’ as a premise to make benefit of dear life; you’ll grow halfway tired and the excitement will carry an uncomfortable dose of fatigue. It’s the introvert that will influence your need to rest, unwind, and appreciate the value of serenity and a warm sunset. While every human being tends to have a source of energy to help take decisions, introverts hold their own far from the reach of external factors.

Famous personalities like Ralph Waldo Emerson frequently took long walks in nature to feed his thoughts and embrace the peace and quiet that follows along. Most of the ambitions are not to find a reason for festivities, but rather to fulfill the achievement and giving the brain a much-needed appreciation for its efforts. An introvert lives in a world of thought, fueled by even more thought. Introverts often show as calm and self-immersed, yet their mind is buzzing with tons of ideas and exclamations that remain obscured from the rest. At other times, the creative department in the introvert’s mind decides it needs an outlet for this unique personality. Hobbies surface in the time of solitude and may sprout in the form of reading, writing, making a sculpture, or a vivid painting of what wells from within.

When it comes to friendship, no loyalty can match that of an introvert. For an introvert believes in the bond of a limited group, an inner circle if you may. The group may seldom grow (when romantic relationships overlap, for example) because the trust and harmony took years time to reflect what it has become and can’t be diluted so quickly by new blood.

However, to claim that introverts don’t make it far in this life is absolutely fallacious. While preferring to avoid the spotlight, introverts fit the phrase ‘the power behind the throne’. I won’t be surprised if the origin of this phrase stemmed from an introvert! About a third to a half of the US population is introvert, yet the whole world shouts YOLO before embarking on something crazy, and probably stupid. It’s time to write YOLO while introverts watch, observe, and contemplate on the chaos of the rest of the population.

Then again, who doesn’t like to come at home drunk and have the introvert take care of the hangover?

Image Credits: “True Facts about the Introvert” by PleatedJeanes

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