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Posted on Aug 25, 2012

The Day I Left My Country

The Day I Left My Country

It’s one thing to state that Lebanon’s youth is seeking opportunities overseas, and another to be part of the movement. In the sensitive state of being we are facing as individuals, a society, or an ideocentric collective, any slight change affects the future of all entities together and may as well define who we are and what we represent. How we perceive these changes is contingent on our well-being, although sadly the majority is pessimistic about the nation’s future and consequently their own. I still see, however, that despite Lebanon being confined to a consumer society, where all we do is based around consumption of goods and services, there has to come a spark that would bolster growth and prosperity at least in a certain field or sector.

I state this with a sense of hypocrisy in the back of my head, praising change and aspiring for hope in a country I’m going away from instead of contributing for. With that comes a sense of guilt that drives the need to compensate even higher in whatever means. The creative part comes in knowing how to contribute to your country when you’re thousands of miles away; in our world, it’s not that hard anymore, but not as common as well.

That summer was the best memory I could fabricate in two months. What I left behind is a tracklist of vivid melodies of laughs and smiles that are just complete because they stemmed from home. I’ve roamed countries and traveled thousands of miles across nature and cityscapes, but nothing beats the warmness of my home country. The heat that I embrace is far from artillery shells, gunfire, and arson, but the dynamism that flows in youth and friendship in every aspect of it.

I part today with a promise that I’ll be back with something new, something different. The journey by itself is an adventure that won’t fade quickly, I’m sure of that. Just like the background music plays in the background of every fond memory, so does the warmness dwell with every moment from the past. One day, I’ll be back with the utter satisfaction of having survived another culture, of being the alien that made it in the land of opportunities. For whatever happens, no home will replace my own. [Image by “Flag of Lebanon” by Hassan Ismail]

…A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.

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