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Posted on Jul 25, 2013

How Twitter Reacted to Ahmad Al Assir

How Twitter Reacted to Ahmad Al Assir

Following the latest events in Sidon and the clashes in Abra, Twitter resounded with hashtags and support for all kinds of parties, be it the Army, Assir, Fadel Chaker, or any other political faction. The global repercussions were evident in the hike in Lebanon keywords and hashtags, as world news agencies reported the notorious instability that smeared the Southern coast.

Despite that, the Arab Idol finalee remained a center of interest for many, with spikes in certain time intervals colliding smoothly with the program time and fading as viewers moved on.

This infographic gives a brief idea of how some stories rise and fall and how it impacts local and global scene through Twitter keywords and hashtags. Enjoy!


Lebanon Tweets

Lebanon Tweets

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